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Graficheincomune. The “virtual library of graphics and book illustrations in-a-click” is a joint project  involving the Raccolta delle Stampe  “Achille Bertarelli”,  the Gabinetto dei Disegni, the Archivio Storico Civico Biblioteca Trivulziana, the Biblioteca d’Arte of Castello Sforzesco, the CASVA and the Civiche Raccolte Storiche. It makes available online the most beautiful images from the graphic collections of the City of Milan.



FotografieInComune is a project organized by the Civico Archivio Fotografico, one of the most important Italian institutions dedicated to preserving and expanding the photographic heritage, in partnership with TAI sas for the digital side and Diego Hum for graphics.
More than  25,000 photographs are now available to the public.
They belong to four funds kept in the Archivio Fotografico, such as the Luca Beltrami Collection, the Iconographic Collection, the Photo Fund Milano Collection and the Lamberto Vitali Collection.
The web site will be continually updated and expanded to give access to new collections belonging to the City of Milan.

Musei e Biblioteche in Comune

Musei e Biblioteche in Comune  is the portal with the catalogue of the Museums: the Art Collections of the Castello Sforzesco, the Gabinetto Numismatico and Medagliere, the Archaeological Museums, the Raccolta Stampe "Achille Bertarelli" and the Gabinetto dei Disegni are among the Museums participating in the project. The objective of the MeBiC project is to put online the heritage preserved in the Museums, Libraries and Archives  of Milan, making it possible to carry out searches within the assets of a single institute.