Tours for school

Ad Artem

Ad Artem, by  concession of the Municipality of Milan – Museums Branch, runs the service of guided tours to the Sforza Castle's collections suitable for all instruction levels, as well as educational activities for kindergarten and primary schools.


Info and booking  
Ad Artem, tel. 02.6597728

Opera d’Arte

Opera d’Arte, on behalf of  the Municipality of Milan – Museums Branch, runs the guided tours service to the Sforza Castle's collections. Art Historians will guide you through the secret routes and in the museums,  where you can admire masterpieces such as the Pietà Rondanini of Michelangelo, or paintings of Andrea Mantegna, Tiziano e Canaletto.

Info and booking
Opera d’Arte, tel. 02.45487400


Aster s.r.l., is a company made by archaeologists, to which the city of Milan has granted exclusive rights for arranging guided tours and educational activities in the two archaeological museums of the Sforza Castle (Egyptian Section - temporarily closed for renewal works, and the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Section).
The workshops involve children in a playful and educational experience.
For kindergarten kids, the activities take place in the teaching room of the Sforza Castle (Sale Michelangiolesche).
For older kids, the venue is in the classroom of the Archaeological Museum (Corso Magenta 15), and must be combined with a guided tour as an introduction to the workshop.

Info and booking
Aster s.r.l,  tel. 02.20404175